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Why study?

The social educator can work as a professional in different fields of social and educational action, that can organize attending to different parameters. If we do it since the institutions / organisms that integrate his figure in multiprofessional teams, we can enumerate four fields:

  • The social services (social services of primary attention; children, adolescence and family in social risk; adoptions, people with disabled; big people; drugs, mental health, violence of gender...)
  • Justice: measures in open medium, centres of juvenile justice, open services in prisons,...
  • The social and cultural animation and the education for the free time (areas of youth, culture and leisure of different administrations, services and programs of free time, entities of leisure, programs and services of community development and promotion of the citizen participation, services addressed to the social and cultural promotion...).
  • The permanent education (programs of transition to the active life, centres of occupational professional formation, services and programs of orientation, of received and formation of people immigrated...